Belt Analyst V17.2 New Features

Version 17.2 provides new features such as the Pipe v17+ pipe conveyor calculation method, the error description popups, a finalize profile mode, and more. Read the descriptions below to learn more about each new feature.

New Pipe Conveyor Methodology

Version 17.2 features the introduction of OCC's new Pipe v17+ pipe conveyor calculation methodology. This new methodology is a big step forward in calculating pipe conveyor drag and allows the user to account for the transverse stiffness of a conveyor belt, belt rubber indentation loss, conveyor alignment loss, and material trampling losses. This advanced feature is only available in Belt Analyst Suite.

Finalize Profile Mode

A new finalize profile mode has been added to allow users to finalize the input of a conveyor profile. By locking the conveyor profile in place, it allows the program to ensure all curve tangent points are included in curve calculations to ensure the most accurate results possible.

Updated Printing Routine

Belt Analyst will now be able to output to a Microsoft Word Document (.docx) format. This allows users to create their own print templates where they can re-organize the output of the program.

Error Description Popups

Users can now use their mouse pointer to hover over any red error text within the program and a popup will be displayed giving a more detailed description about the issue.

Dynamics Stability Improvements

Various improvements have been made to the dynamic calculation routines to improve stability and memory management.

DIN C Factor Change

When calculating in DIN 22101 mode, users now have the option to input a DIN C factor instead of having one as an output of the calculation.

Transition Point Calculation

Users can now change the transition point calculation so a transition can be calculated at an intermediate location along the conveyor.

Network License Improved License Data

When using a network/floating license with Belt Analyst, users can log into OCC's license portal website and more easily see which computers/users are using the program.

Belt Analyst V17.1 New Features

Some interesting improvements and feature updates have taken place in version 17.1. Please watch the video below to see all of v17.1's new features. You can also see a list of new features on the Version Information page under the Support Tab.

Click here to watch the v17.1 overview video.


Popup tips have been added to any new version of Belt or Dynamic Analyst. The first time you open the updated program, a popup tip will appear anywhere there is a new feature. If you click on the tip, it will disappear. You can turn the tip back on by going to the Help menu, and clicking on Popup tips.

Template Files

A few new template files have been added to Belt Analyst. Some of the new templates include Belt Analyst files with Horizontal Curves or with paired flights.

Drive Velocity PID Curve Update

Automated curve generation has been added to the Velocity PID curve graph in Dynamic Analyst. Under the Drive tab, click on the Controller tab. You can still create a Standard deceleration graph from the Create button above the graph, but there are now additional buttons you can select to apply to the curve. The options for the curve are Linear, User defined, and Curve.

Delete Multiple Selected Flight

A user now has the ability to select multiple flights, either in the image or in the table, and delete them all at once.

Flap Mode

A new Flap Mode tab has been added the the Profile tab table. This tab displays the flap modes for the entire return side in a single graph.

Save View

A new feature has been added to the 2D profile that allows the user to save a particular zoomed-in image so that they can easily jump from view to view while working on the conveyor design. Right click on the desired image, and click Save View. Right click again to view the list of saved images and move from one to the other.

Dynamic Analyst Graph Updates

The results graphs in Dynamic Analyst now have a quick show all/one line feature. With one click, you can either remove a particular line from the graph, or only show that particular line on the graph by itself. This can be applied to one or multiple lines.

Dynamic Analyst Red Flags

In Belt Analyst, if a parameter exceeds the program limits, the value and the tab it is on will turn red. This feature has now been added to Dynamic Analyst.

Belt Analyst V17 New Features

Version 17 provides some major updates for both Belt Analyst and Dynamic Analyst. The interface of Feeder Analyst and Case Manager have been updated to improve readability and ease of user interaction. A new option added to View tab is users can now choose to work with Belt Analyst in Chinese rather than English. A brand new feature called the Drive Inertia Calculator has been added to the Drives Tab. Another new feature is the Pulley Face Pressure calculation which has been added to the Pulley tab. The reporting process has also been improved and can now easily integrate Dynamic Analyst files into the report. A more detailed description as well as links to training videos are provided below.

Click here to watch the v17 overview video.

Feeder Analyst

The look, feel and functionality of Feeder Analyst has been updated in this latest version. One major change is the ability to add multiple feeders to a single conveyor. Another modification is that drag calculations now update automatically even after Feeder Analyst has been closed.

Chinese Language Support

Belt Analyst can now support the Chinese language. To switch to the full Chinese Belt Analyst version, click on the View tab, click the Language button, then selecting Chinese.

Drive Inertia Calculator

A new feature introduced in version 17 is the drive inertia calculator. The drive inertia calculator allows a user to input inertia values of individual drive components to calculate a more accurate high speed drive intertia to be used within a conveyor calculation. This has a large effect on the starting and stopping of a conveyor. It can be found under the Drives tab once the mode is switched to User.

Click here to watch the new video on the Drive Inertia Calculator.

Pulley Face Pressure Calculation

Another brand new feature is the Pulley Face Pressure calculation. For applications that use steel cord conveyor belting, the pulley face pressure is now calculated on the Pulley tab.

Click here to watch the video on the Pulley Face Pressure Calculation.

Reporting Functionality

The reporting functionality has been greatly developed to be able to combine multiple Belt Analyst and Dynamic Analyst outputs into a single report.

Click here to watch the video on the reporting functionality.

Dynamic Analyst V17

Dynamic Analyst has gone through some major reprogramming from the ground up in order to improve the overall functionality of the program. Integration between Belt Analyst and Dynamic Analyst has been improved as well as a simplified file structure to cut down simulation time. A new customizable interface that allows users to position inputs and outputs where they like has also been added. The graphs for the outputs has been updated and the control input methods for the drive and take-up controls have been enhanced.

Click here to watch the Dynamic Analyst Overview video.

You can view more videos about Dynamic Analyst features on our eTraining website. If you do not have an account, you can create one by clicking on the Help tab in Belt Analyst, clicking on eTraining, then clicking the Log in button. After you create an account and it has been approved, you will be able to view all available videos.