Belt Analyst V15 New Features

Customizable View of Belt Analyst

The View tab in Belt Analyst is one of the most diverse upgrades of Belt Analyst 15. You can now reorder tabs, doc tabs, and move tabs to different areas of the Belt Analyst Window. The entire layout of the Belt Analyst window can now be customized to your personal preferences. Please see the training video for a detailed explanation.

Idler Analyst

Idler Analyst is a brand new feature in Belt Analyst 15. You can find it under the Add-In's tab in the Help menu and it is only available in Pro versions or higher. This feature enables the user to create a unique set of idlers and set specific properties for each individual idler roll. The belt must be in CEMA 6 or 7 in order to be applied. Please see the Idler Analyst training video for more details.

Plugged Chute Calculator

A Plugged Chute Calculator has been added to the Design Options menu. This feature will calculate the "Pull-Out" force required for a starting or moving belt when a chute is plugged. That information can then be added to your Belt Analyst Profiles tab and taken into account during the calculations.

Updated Pipe Conveyor Calculations

Overland Conveyor is constantly updating and improving it's calculations. Pipe Conveyor has been updated to reflect some changes from the CEMA 7 book.

PDF Report Builder

The new PDF report build creates a standard pdf report of the Belt Analyst project and allows users to reorganize, add, or delete Belt Analyst pages and/or outside pdfs. You can now create a full report of your project from within Belt Analyst 15.

Dynamic Analyst V15 New Features

New Pulley Resultant Force

The pulley resultant force is the sum of the belt tension and pulley weight forces acting on the pulley. While stopping or starting, this force will vary as the belt tensions change. The designer can use this information to aid in the design of the pulley and support structure.