Belt Analyst V14 New Features

Power Calculations

In May 2014, the Conveyor Equipment Manufacturer's Association (CEMA) published the 7th Edition of "Belt Conveyors for Bulk Materials". In it, signifcant updates were made to Chapter 6, Power Calculations. This replaces the Universal calculation method first introduced in the 6th Edition publsihed in 2005. It is very important to review these changes the the following video. VIEW YOUTUBE VIDEO

Case Manager

Several improvements were made to the very poplular CASE MANAGER introduced in v13. If you want to see a special loading case but do not want the RED warning to clutter your design, you can EXCLUDE these warning from specific components and add Exclusion comments to document why they are not relavent to the system design.

Power Wizard

All previous power calculations always showed the maximum power would exist at the lowest temperature considered. This is not actually true in real life. Due to the non-linear nature of rubber indentation, the worst case power CAN exist a temperature between your highest and lowest temperature extreme. Our new power wizard helps you find the worst case temperature for power considerations. See the previously mentioned Youtube video for a refview of this feature. VIEW YOUTUBE VIDEO

Tema Manager Improvements and More

Take a look at the v14 New Features video for an overview of all new changes. VIEW YOUTUBE VIDEO

Dynamic Analyst V14 New Features

FEA Exectution Engine

The Dynamic Analyst execution engine was originally written in Fortran to take advantge of FEA mathematical libraries and matrix math functions. We have now updated this execution module to a more modern programming language. All old problems with long or complex file names or folder paths are now gone. And our ability to gradully merge belt Analyst and Dynamic Analyst are now possible. You won't see much difference, but under the hood, things are working a lot better.

Unique Control Arrays Lengths

Users have always had to deal with the need to keep all drive and brake control arrays the same length as all of the mused the same time steps. With the new platform, we have eliminated this limitation. User are now free to build each control array independently of the others. This make the useability of the program much more flexible and friendly.