Belt Analyst V13 New Features

Case Manager

You no longer have to save multiple files to analyze different loading conditions or to analyze most variables that can change during normal operation. Simply add a new case and the program will provide calculations on fully loaded, empty, incline loaded only, declines loaded only, highest winter power, lowest summer power, or just about anything you can think of. Change a constant such as the motor size or belt width, and all cases are updated automatically. READ MORE

Team Manager

Automatically share Belt Analyst files internally between member of your team. Also share files with people outside your company such as component suppliers or consultants. Even share between designer and end user. This is a great way to make sure everyone who needs to know information will know it and be sure the information is up to date and accurate. You have complete control over who is included in your team and whether each teammate can edit or read only. Also easily control all chances with an advanced approval process if needed. READ MORE

Advanced Belt Summary

The conveyor belt interacts with all other compoents on a conveyor and therefore many dependencies exist which can affect the belt life. And the belt splice is the weakest link so why don't our analysi programs address what is happening at the splice as it is flexed through and arouund transitions, turnovers, vertical curves and pulleys. The new advance belt summary does just that. Completely understand the actual safety factors in your belting in any loading case. READ MORE

Automatic Belt Transition Calculations

Included in the new "Advanced Belt Summary" above, is automatic selection of required transition distances at the head and tail and local belt safety factors in each case. An item that traditionally been very easy to overlook and under evaluate, this small design issue can be a major reason for inadequate belt splcie life.

Automatic Belt Turnover Calculations

Also included in the "Advanced Belt Summary" is automatic turnover selection and calculations. No need to do this calcultion on a separate spreadsheet or form.

Dynamic Analyst V13 New Features

Case Manager

As described above for Belt Analyst, Dynamic Analyst will also allow for multiple analyses of different load conditions etc without saving separate files. Set up your control logic and components only once, and simulate the stopping and starting conditions quickly. Saves a lot of time.

Drive on Tail Pulley

A nagging inconveninence in the past, there is no longer a need to massage the Belt Analyst file to run dynamically. Just make sure there are belt segments between all the pulleys and you are ready to go.

FEA Engine Improvements

Advancements have been made to the internal fea engine to continue to make the analysis and results more stable and accurate.