Transfer Chutes

Most risk analysis will identify the transfer chutes as the biggest risk in any belt conveyor. Getting the material loaded and unloaded for a conveyor is often left to last in the design process but should be moved to a very prominent position as the ramifications of a poor or well designed chute is paramount to the long term success of material transport. Overland Conveyor Co has pioneered the development and use of Discrete Element Modeling to the simulation of bulk material flow through belt conveyor transfer chutes.

Our extensive work in this field has included transfer design verification, capacity improvement, flow stream design for wear, plugging and dust mitigation, chute fabrication drawings and material characterization for use by you or us with our software. Our work can be as interactive as you wish, usually working from our offices with preliminary modeling results provided as part of the process.

Deliverables include DEM results, 3D solid model of inside chute syrfaces and a written report.