Mission Statement


To excel in Belt Conveyor Design, Engineering, Installation, Maintenance and Troubleshooting using an integrated systems approach.

We will encourage long-term relationships with mining companies who rely on belt conveyors to transport bulk materials. The goals of these companies are to mine raw materials at the lowest cost possible, which requires economic and reliable bulk material handling. Our services will consist of operations driven, system integration of conveyor components through advanced system modeling and simulation, performance monitoring and preventive maintenance.

We will solicit strategic alliances with non-competing component manufacturers and service providers who rely on belt conveyor users for the majority of their sales, manufacturing or service, These companies will represent industry leaders or potential industry leaders in their respective fields who are looking for ways to add value to their components or services through a strong industry reputation of technically superior service. The ability to integrate components into a reliable system is essential to trouble free operation.

We will establish links to research organizations and Universities with active research or academic programs complimenting our goals. These links will give us access to the latest and best mathematical modeling algorithms and theoretical problem solving expertise.

We will take a leadership role in industry technical organizations with material handling divisions or interests and will publish internationally to highlight the technical leadership of our organization or to emphasize the technical superiority of our strategic partners.